YouTube Size Guide

Hey you, nice to see you here, for the YouTube Size Guide. Today I want to show you the YouTube for channel art, channel icon & thumbnails. For this I will give you a few tips which format is best for what. Do not worry, at first it looks like a lot, but anyone can succeed on YouTube!

Channel Art

We start with the channel art, most probably known as the channel banner. Depending on the device, other image segments are displayed by the channel art. For TV sets the whole channel type is displayed. For desktop devices, tablets and mobile devices only banners from the middle.

For TV sets the full size of 2560px x1440px is used. For desktop devices, a full-width banner will be displayed from 2560px x 423px to 1855px x 423px tablets, depending on the size of the display. For mobile devices, a banner in the sizes 1546px x 423px is displayed.

Logos and texts should be positioned in the middle so that they are visible on all devices. The selected image for the channel art. can be uploaded in JPG or PNG format with a maximum file size of 6 MB.

Channel Icon

For the channel icon, which many know as profile picture or avatar, you need a picture which is 800px x 800px big. The format used here is JPG, GIF (no animated GIFs), BMP, or PNG file.

The channel icon on YouTube in the size 98px x 98px is displayed on all devices.


The thumbnail must be in 16: 9 format and 1280px x 720px. One reads in the net, that here just if the trick would work with the upscaling. Which is not the case.

It is important to be careful not to place any text, logo or POI in the lower right corner. Because these can be hidden there by the timestamp.

Download the complete YouTube size guide Cheatsheet here for free and have all sizes always ready! You could also Download here all 3 Templates for the channel art, the channel icon and the thumbnail.

So I thank you for your attention and look forward together with you on a wonderful youtube profile! And there is only one thing left to write …

peaceover’n’out, your steve

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