Stranger Things Text Effect Tutorial

Welcome, today I want to show you how to recreate Stranger Things Text Effect. For this I will give you a few tips which programm you need. Do not worry, at first it looks like a lot, but you can do it!

What you need

Let’s get to the stuff you need to give the Stranger Things look to your texts. First and foremost, you need a graphics program like Gimp, Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Inkscape, etc.



Then you need the font ITC Benguiat Bold, which you can easily find on Google Search … developed by Ed Benguiat between 1977 and 1979 and is just one of many of his frequently used masterpieces, but only as a small one Nice2Know mentioned by the way.

That’s it, if you do not have a program yet or if you do not have the font, take your time to download it.

How to make the Text Effect

In the graphics program of our choice, I use Gimp here. First we open a new document, as a size to test and rebuild. I recommend you a size of 1000px width and 500px height. Then we select the text tool. There we select in the settings first the Font ITC Benguiat Bold. And set the size to 140px And as a color we choose red with the hex code ff0000.

Now we create a text field on the work surface in the upper half
and write Trange. … sounds strange but trust me … Then we copy that layer and drag the new text field down a bit and replace the text with the word Things.

Then we take again the first text field and copy it again, there we replace the text now with an “S” and put in the attitudes the size on 200px Then we pull the S to the left before Trange and still adjust the height and the distance

Then we copy the “S” and replace it with an “R” and drag it to the right behind the Strange. And here, too, we adjust the position a little bit. I use help lines here, depending on the program you should also use these, as this makes the whole thing easier. Here we now make sure that the lower text overlaps a little bit at the height with the large letters.

So now we have our text but as individual layers, wich we now all unite. When all are united, we stretch the text a bit, using the scaling tool and only scale the height. Because the logo is indeed based on the font, but the font has been stretched a bit.

Next we add the bars, first we add a new layer and then we take a rectangle pick tool and pull up our bar first. This should end on the sides with the upper arch from the “S” and the “R”. We then fill this selection with red. And there we have our first bar, which we copy now and pull it down under the big letters, but approximately so that the upper accents of the lower text still overlap … here are the hooks “S” un “T” are meant

Then we make a selection from the alpha channel and extend the bar so that it also ends with the lower end of the “R”. then we make a selection around lower text with a little distance and cut out the bar.

Now we have all the elements we need.

Now we combine the bars and text layers, then we make another selection from the alpha channel and we reduce this to 3px
on this we cut off the active selection. and copy now copy the layer directly then we select the under copy and put a blur effect on it

when the blur is rendered, we set the opacity of the layer down just so that it is like a slight sneak around the text to see

Add details

So we come to the small details. Here we create a flat group … there we pull in the upper text and create a new level which we fill completely. At this layer we apply a plasma noise effect, which can be relatively coarse when the effect is rendered. Here we set the contrast higher so that only a little bit of white is visible.

Then we create a new layer that we fill with a gold yellow and set the layermode multiplication. then we combine the two levels and put the layermode on screen and now we have this effect, the light that shines through the original title

One more detail what you can do but not have to ..

To do this, we create a new layer again and we fill this with a delicate purple … we put the layermode to ligthing and put the layervisibility lower. By doing so, we brightened up the background and made the font a little paler.

And yyes with the original logo of Stranger things, the text was not only gestrekt but also made here and there small changes. On the one hand, the bow was adapted to the next T at the S and the G was cut off a bit from the back.

So I thank you for your attention and look forward together with you on a wonderful Halloween! And there is only one thing left to write …

peaceover’n’out, your steve

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