currently no new requests

Sorry, but i’am currently booked with clients.

Why I do not accept new clients at the moment?

While I can offer all kinds of design services, I can not serve all customers at the same time. So that the quality does not decrease and the waiting times rise until a design is ready. Have I closed the requests for the moment.

As soon as capacities are free again, the requests are also reopened. This alone is for you to get the best possible result, which is worthy of your brand.

Estimated time i’ll be taking new requests is end of juli 2019.

There is nothing more important than the first impression. And people will get their first impression of your brand with the logo. So let me make it a good one.

Just describe to me briefly what you imagine. Whether a Mascot logo, Lettermark logo, Wordmark logo or an icon logo and i’ll get in touch with you as soon as i can.